January 14, 2012

Winter S&C picks up for the Black Knights

It seems like just yesterday that the Black Knights were taking on arch rival Navy in their annual classic match-up, but actually it was thirty-five days ago.

And now it's back to work for the Army squad as they kick-off the first week of off-season training, which consists of some high volume training in order to rebuild the work capacity of the team.

The has logged in three sessions this week (morning), each session having a conditioning/speed component as well as a strength component.

"We work in a hypertrophy phase for the first couple of weeks back, which means lower weight and higher reps in order to help build that base and help the body be prepared to handle larger loads down the road," shares assistant strength coach, Kevin Schadt. "The team had a great first week, putting in a lot of hard work and trying to get through the "alarm phase" of training when your body is very sore while adapting to the work load again."

But according to Schadt, it doesn't stop there, but the team will take progressive steps. "Next week we will increase the speed aspect of the training and build off of the techniques we taught the team this week," he adds.

Schadt was also quick to point out a couple of frosh who are going through their first cycle and taste of winter S&C, but seem to have picked up on the program relatively easily.

"Guys who haven't had a chance to work with us for a full off season like Larry Dixon and Angel Santiago have some great natural skills to build on (footwork, strength)," states Schadt, who has also been impressed with one of his upperclassmen.

"Anthony Stephens seems ready to have a big off season and has attacked the first week."


As much as Schadt and head strength coach, Brett Gerch sat the tone, they both know how important it is for the players themselves to be both accountable and demonstrate leadership to the younger players.

"Josh Jackson, Zach Watts, and Frank Allen have done a good job taking over leadership roles and are doing their part bringing the young guys along," confirms Schadt.

Taking A Step Forward

According to Schadt, some of those "youngster" had followed the aforementioned examples, but also have taken the bull by the horns and taken the initiative. "Thomas Holloway, Geoff Bacon, Ryan Powis, Steve Shumaker, John Szott, Will Wilson all come to mind as guys who have stepped their games up from 1st semester."

"We have a hungry group and really there hasn't been one person who hasn't come ready to get better each and every day. This is a team as driven and determined as I've seen and it's very exciting. They are looking to make strides every day, pay attention to detail , and put themselves in a position to succeed in spring ball."

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