October 8, 2010

Sleeper DB Harris continues to shine for Hylton

One prospect that many could have predicted to have a monster season is defensive back Iric Harris out of C.D. Hylton High School in Woodbridge, Virginia.

So far he is fulfilling those prophecies and then some.

The standout defensive back would likely have a plethora of scholarship offers on the table by now, had he not shredded his left ACL early during his junior season last year.

He's bounced back and the knee is appearing as healthy as ever, with Harris showing why he was once garnering attention from a variety of schools across the country.

So far he's already hauled in five interceptions this season and has punished teams that have decided to throw the ball to his side of the field.

The talented defensive back has shown he can add explosiveness to the Bulldogs' offensive attack as well, as he is currently the third leading receiver on the team.

He's hauled in 11 catches so far for 220 yards and two touchdowns.

He's even returned a few punts and kicks for the Bulldogs, demonstrating his versatility.

The under-the-radar prospect has even rushed for 49 yards and a touchdown on the ground for the Bulldogs.

Harris and his C.D. Hylton Bulldogs currently sit at 5-0 on the season and are 2-0 in the Cardinal District.

Even though he currently holds no scholarship offers, look for the attention for Iric Harris to only increase as time progresses.

It would be hard to believe that a kid as talented as he is wouldn't end up with any offers after all is said and done.

Interview with Iric Harris

First off Iric, why don't you talk about how your season's going so far?

"Season's going pretty good. The team is finally coming together under the new head coach and what not, new quarterback, new offensive coordinator. Everything is started to gel together even though we got new guys, because seniors are taking a big role. It's just a winning football program."

I know you posted the highlights of your first three games on YouTube (also in the rivals database). Why don't you talk about how your coaches have been playing you at safety and how much you enjoy that?

"The coaches usually rotate me at safety when they're not trying to throw to my side at corner. That's what I like because it's more free to get to fly around to the ball. When they run the ball it doesn't matter which side they run it to, I get to get there faster. I actually like it, not more than corner though. I still like corner. It's just you, against their best player, wide receiver, whatever you want to put out there. It's up to each person to show who's better and show off the talent."

Who's the toughest receiver you're gonna go up against this year Iric?

"Hopefully they'll make it to the playoffs. The toughest receiver will be, I think his name is Matt from Lake Braddock.

You've got your eyes peeled for him right?

"Yeah. I've heard about this kid from Lake Braddock that's putting up big numbers. He has big yardage. Matt Zanellato. He transferred to Lake Braddock, he's like 6'4, 190. I've got my eyes on him. He's putting up big numbers (35 catches, 730 yards, 10 touchdowns). When we get to Lake Braddock, I'm trying to corral him one-on-one."

Talk about the recruiting process and how much it has changed for you?

"Well, it's picked up, since the season started. There's a couple of schools that started to pick up more than over the summer when they had nothing to look at. I'm still trying to get my name out there, get my name back on the map. Because some schools don't want to see the film and are sleeping a little bit. I think as the season progresses, they'll get a chance to see my film and evaluate me on how I did through the season to see if they want to offer me or not."

Talk about your visit to UNC. I want to hear about that.

"Okay. The visit this time was great. They've got a good atmosphere. I liked it a lot. I talked to Coach Williams. He was going to look at my film. I gave it to him. They have a great atmosphere down there. The players, the student body, the fans, everybody was out there cheering. They lost the game, but everybody was still in the game for the whole game. Even when they lost, everybody was still cheering. It was great."

Is there any other visits your planning throughout the season Iric?

"Yes, I'm trying to make it out to Marshall first. That's gonna be my next one."

When are you coming to Marshall?

"I have to check my schedule. I know their next home game (UCF). I think it was on a Wednesday, I'm not going to be able to make that. I think I'm gonna try to hit up a UConn game, or up at Ohio, gonna try and make a game there. I got a teammate up there (Ohio U.) that's redshirting (A.J. Grady). He plays defensive back type linebacker. He says its alot of fun up there."

Who's your favorite defensive back of all-time Iric

"It's gotta be Deion. He played for the Cowboys, I forgot his last name, 21, uh, Sanders. Deion Sanders. You know it was (Darrelle) Revis until he pulled that hamstring deal when he got Mossed in the end zone."

It was Revis until he got Mossed?

"Yeah, he pulled that little fake hamstring injury and acted like he was hurt. Before my games I like to watch highlights and I've been watching Deion Sanders lately. He did everything. He returned, played offfense, locked down receivers, so you know that's my favorite now of all-time."

So Iric, the big question is, the first team that offers you, you told me that they are going to have a lead on everybody else. Is that still the case?

"Yes, I say it's a big factor. If they extend an offer to me and say, look, we'll pay for you to go to school if you come perform at our school and display your talents. That's the school that's going to have a little over the other schools. They're gonna take a chance on me. I'm not going to disrespect them."

Harris and his C.D. Hylton team members will face off tonight against Woodbridge at 7:30 p.m.

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