GBK: Saying Goodbye to Chase Prasnicki

Subsequent to R-Day 2006, GoBlackKnights spoke with several football parents who were saying goodbye to their sons as they were kicking off both their cadet and football careers at West Point.
One dad who stood out was David Prasnicki, father of Chase Prasnicki, who was an incoming frosh quarterback out of Lexington (Va.) Rockbridge High School.
With 20 years under his belt as an employee at VMI, along with several relatives graduating from that institution, David shared with GBK that he was comfortable with Chase's adjustment to the lifestyle as a West Point Cadet.
"Chase is very familiar with what to expect … as a matter of fact, he may have been too relaxed on R-Day {laughing}."
"Even early this morning when I was up, I was thinking and wondering, Oh man, what's the O' boy doing at 6:30am and said to myself, he's probably out on his 3 mile run {laughing}."
"He's (Chase) very patriotic, so for him to attend West Point is a good move for him. He will make a good football player, but also a great leader that will help his country somewhere along the line."
"Sunday's football reception was very good and informative for parents and players. You had Coach Ross, Kevin Anderson, the Superintendent and Commandant of Cadets speaking. Each of them encouraged and told us all to hang in there. Coach Ross and his son Kevin are doing a great job, as is the entire coaching staff."
"But even with my experience at VMI, the 90 seconds of separation is still tough. I remember words during at the end of those 90 seconds… he said Dad; I'm in the Army now. He gave me a hug - kiss and took off, shared proud dad, David Prasnicki.
Unfortunately for David Prasnicki, the entire Prasnicki family and friends, they will be saying goodbye to Chase for the final time as so poetically shared by Rob O'Sullivan.
"People often ask me why I am an Army Football Fan. Chase Prasnicki epitomizes why. Choosing West Point at a time of war, always putting team above self, a positive force to all of those around him, a fierce competitor and hard worker. Like so many before him, along side of him, and after him, he took the harder, honorable road. We are privileged as Americans to have young men like him. You were taken too soon Chase. Thank you for the path you chose and your service, and may you be at peace. May your wife, family, and friends always find comfort and peace in how you lived your life. Well done, and thank you."
Chase Prasnicki
1988 - 2012