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Army’s 2020 Recruiting Class: Getting to know 3-Star WR Quintarius Chapman

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Bradwell Institute (GA) Rivals-3 Star wide receiver Quintarius Chapman is excited about his decision to commit to Army West Point. Although he didn’t sign during the early NSD period, the talented player is a huge plus to the 2020 recruiting class and anxious to get his career started in the Black & Gold.


• 1st Team All-Region

• Rivals 3-Star (5.5) Prospect

• Playing in the Georgia Army National Guard North-South All-Star Game (12/29)


• Pledged to Army West Point on December 14, 2019

• Was recruited by Coach Mitch Ware

• Chose Army over Navy, Alabama State, Mercer, Citadel, Cornell and Jackson State.


• Receptions - 32

• Yards - 410

• Touchdowns - 5

• Returns - 4

• Yards - 122

Did You Know?

• In addition to football, Chapman also plays basketball (forward) and runs track (200m & 400m) at Bradwell Institute.

• Chapman’s Grandfather retired from the Army in 2003 after 21 years of service.

They Said It


"First appearances do count for something. Our first time seeing leading Army receiver Cam Harrison was at the Army summer football camp in 2015. His athletic ability to go along with his size stood out amongst the other receivers and on that day he walked away with top receiver honors, as well as an offer. Fast forward to 2017, when Michael Roberts made an official visit in January, and it was his size that truly caught everyone’s attention ... he looked more like a seasoned Division I player and of course in 2019 during his sophomore year, he saw plenty of playing time."

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"Well, our assessment of Quintarius Chapman is that he is a combination of Harrison and Roberts. He has the athletic ability, to go along with quality size. We project that the incoming frosh will challenge for time right out of the box and will eventually see reps during the 2020 football campaign. Solid pick-up for the Black Knights."

Army sophomore WR Michael Roberts
Army sophomore WR Michael Roberts

Bradwell Institute (GA) HC Kyle Adkins

Projected Position

"Played mainly a split wide out, like an outside guy for us. I got here in Febuaray and so I was able to come in and get to know the guys a little bit. I think what surprised me with Quintarius the most was how big he was. I had done some research and from pictures I had seen, you couldn’t tell how big he was, so I think that was the thing that stuck out with me the most. I said to myself, this is a really big kid."

"He has the ability to carry a lot of weight below his waist and I think that is where a lot of his gain is going to come from."

Potential to be a TE?

"I think that I’m going to leave that up to Jeff Monken and his staff {laughing}. Honestly, I don’t know. I think that he has the length and if he continues to add the muscle mass, he could be a 230-235 player pretty easily. I think he is a receiver, especially in the triple option look. I know a lot of people end up packing the box, give you a lot of cover one and cover zero just trying to take away the option and you get a lot of one-on-one match-ups and Quintarius is long and he can jump. So that kind of presents a problem for corners that might not be able to match up with him from a size and strength standpoint."


"I think if he continues to progress he will be dominate."

"We spread the ball out down here and I told him for a guy his size, he has to be dominant on the perimeter. Meaning, blocking on the perimeter. That’s a facet of his game that he focused on and there were some times this year he took some corners for a ride."

"Just seeing one of our on national TV wearing that Black Knights‘ uniform will make us all proud."

Areas Needs To Improve On

"I think his route running needs to get better, but you can say that for 98% of the receivers coming out of high school. But also being able to see some things pre-snap, which is an increase level of football IQ, but that will come with maturity."

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