GBK: Army Football Media Day - Players Quotes

Junior Linebacker, Nate Combs
The 6-foot-2, 228 pound Combs has moved from Whip to the Mike linebacker spot and indicated how anxious he is to get summer camp under way.
"I want to get this thing started. I'm already too excited, just to put on helmets today. Last night I had anxiety ... I had to take deep breaths to put me to sleep. I'm really ready to get this year rolling. People are hyping about the offense, but I think we are doing to have a pretty good defense as well. We'll see how that goes."
When GBK last spoke to Combs, he was in the stands on crutches looking out onto the field as he teammates were about to open up the 2010 season. It was obvious that junior backer from New Albany (IN) was very disappointed that he couldn't be out there, especially after earning the starting spot at the Whip linebacker.
"I kind of held all the frustration I had last year, because it was hard going from the starting spot and then your season is over. I focused all the frustration into positive energy that I'm going to put into this year. It's gotten me better in the off season, I put in my rehab and now it's just excitement. I'm not mad that I got injured ... I kind of transition to the stage where it's now to focus on the moment and the season."
Sophomore Slotback, Raymond Maples
The 6-foot-0, 210 Maples has all the physical tools to be tremendous asset to the Black Knights' 2011 offensive firepower, but by his on admission, he must be able to make through the entire season.
Outlook for the 2011 season
"I see myself trying to stay healthy that was the main problem last year. The first carry, high ankle sprain, then I came back the Rutgers' game and I broke his hand, so I just want to stay healthy."
"If I stay healthy, I think I can help do a lot of things this year."
On the potential offensive firepower
"I think we will do it big just because of what Trent and Hassin did last year ... a lot of focus has been put on them. I mean that opens it up for me and everyone
else to do what we have to do. We have the talent and once everyone gets incorporated into the offense, I think we can be an monster offense."
On being a Philadelphia native & having fan base close by
"I don't know how to distinguish it from everyone else who is from California and Texas that may not have folks coming to the games. But it's an encouragement to look in the crowd and know that you have some of your family and friends there cheering for you."
Freshman Free Safety, Addison Holstein
On wearing the #2 jersey
"I like it, but it wasn't my original number, but you take what you get as a freshman," says a laughing Holstein. "I wore #11 in high school and wore it every since I played tackle football ... since the 3rd grade, so I kind of grew up with it."
Army over Stanford
"Towards the end of the recruiting process, Stanford became shaky and I knew I was wanted here. I knew that I could fight for spot and play early .... that's what I wanted to do. Another thing is that I couldn't pass up the opportunities that I would get here ... that was a big factor."
Beast ... any second thoughts?
"Actually not really {laughing}. I came it thinking that it was going to be really bad, but overall it wasn't that bad ... we did some fun stuff. Our cadre was good and I built a good relationship with some of them ... I'm not sure if that want they wanted, but that's what happen and that was good. It's over now, and I'm glad but if I had to do it over again, it wouldn't be a big deal. I came in at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds and only dropped a few pounds."
On looking to play earlier
"I'm not trying play to just make to the traveling team or just be here to be happy here. I will be happy when I am playing on Saturday's because I don't want to be sitting at home. So I have to go out everyday at practice like it's my spot and not somebody's else's."
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