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GBK’s Joe Iacono interviews Army fans/West Point grads

GBK's Joe Iacono
GBK's Joe Iacono (

When it comes to the fans on the site, a few words come to mind right away.

The words can range from the passionate, diverse fanbase, West Point grads, former Army football players, parents of players and the list goes on.

Of course, part of the intrigue and consistency of the aforementioned fans who gather daily and especially on The 12th Knight Premium Message board is the insightful and engaging conversations that are typically initiated by the fans themselves, but of course, monitored by the GBK team.

So with that, there are The 12th Knight Rules and Guidelines. However, just ask around and GBK is the most comprehensive source for Army football & recruiting, hands down.

So this week, GBK Writer Joe Iacono (who by the way is a West Point Grad) interviewed two subscribers to, who are avid Army football fans and West Point grads as well.

Let’s Take A Look & Listen …

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