Media Day: Final Go Around For QB, Trent Steelman

Charles Grevious, Publisher of GoBlackKnights.com, expects 4th year starter quarterback Trent Steelman to have a big senior campaign, but not simply because the QB seems to improve annually, but also noting the offensive fire power surrounding the signal caller.
"We always talk about a quarterback in year one of a system, but even the best offensive coordinator has to adjust to his personnel as well and sometimes, even for the brightest minds out there, that takes time," Grevious shared. "From the time that he (Steelman) stepped foot onto the turf of Michie Stadium, along with the arrival of OC, Ian Shields, I think we have seen an annual evolution if you will. To the degree that my expectation of the offense this summer and going into the 2012 season could produce something special on the campus of West Point."
"What do I expect? A Steelman lead offense that all eleven players on the field and Shields will be on the same page relative to leadership, playing to their potential, solid play calling and error free football. Steelman is the type of leader that knows the game and I expect that we'll see a more seamless performance week after week and perhaps the type of year that Army fans will be talking about for a long time afterwards."

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Click Here to view this Link.GBK had the opportunity to speak to the Bowling Green (Ky.) native during Monday's Media where Steelman, who missed the last several games of the 2011 season and was was kept out of spring practice shared how he felt to get back out there during Monday afternoon's inaugural summer practice.
"Oh man, I'm itching to get back out there ... I'm absolutely ready for the year, I can't wait," he shared. "Obviously this is my final go around and one more time with this senior class. I feel we have the right leadership on the team to make it happen. So, we are all looking forward to get back out there as a team and come together as the 2012 Army football team."
Steelman chimed in on Grevious' comments about the arsenal that he and his teammates have offensively. "First of all, you have to start with the experience," declares Steelman. "I mean, we have everybody returning. From last year, coming into this year ... we have more athletes, we have more people that can do things with the ball in their hands as well as without the ball in their hands."
"I feel that this is probably the most well rounded backfield we've had in a long-long time. I'm just anxious to get out there and see what everybody is capable of doing. Because I know we have so many skilled positions ... running back, wide receivers that can make special things happen with the ball in their hands."
Even with the potential offensively, Steelman knows that summer practice is key to getting everyone onto the same page, but also with specific goals in mind for his final season wearing the Black & Gold?
"The first thing that is on our minds obviously is gaining that Commander In Chief Trophy," adds Steelman. "That's been our goal ever since I've been here and we have yet to accomplish that. We feel that it's right there for the taking this year more than it has been in the past couple of years. So, that's our first goal. The main thing right now, we are just trying to get through and bonding our team. We obviously we have a big group of freshmen ... a big group of talented freshmen coming in that can help us in some areas and we are going to do whatever we can to get them acclimated to West Point and to our program."
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