USMAPS Wide Receiver: Xavier Moss

USMAPS standout Xavier Moss will make his way onto the West Point campus this summer looking to battled his way into Army offense where the 6-foot-3, 196 pounder should be in the mix for a significant place in the wide receiver rotation.
At the prep school, Moss pulled down approximately 10 reception for 3 touchdowns, along with two rushing touchdowns
During our Q&A session with the native of Houston (Tx.), he spoke with about his upcoming frosh season expectations and much more.
GBK: We know that you ran track in high school ... what were you top events and did you participate in track at the prep school?
Moss: In high school I ran the 400 and 800 and yes I just finished running the indoor season at the prep school

GBK: Do you recall what is your best 40 time happens to be and when did you run that?

Moss: Actually, I've never ran an officially timed 40.
GBK: Is there is one receiver on the college or NFL level that you say your game is very similar to, who would that be and why?

Moss: I really like the way AJ Green (Cincinnati Bengals) plays and he is a go getter when the ball is in the air. So I try to use his game to make mines better. 

GBK: Although there will be competition at quarterback this spring and summer, many are projecting A.J. Schurr to be the QB in 2013. Hence, there's a chance for a more expanded passing attack coming from the Black Knights' offense this season. How do you feel about the passing game playing a significant part of the offensive philosophy?

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GBK: Speaking of talents ... for those fans that have not seen you play, what can they expect to see relative to your skills as a wide receiver?

Moss: They can expect to see an explosive player, a player that's willing to help in the blocking game and add to the passing attack.

GBK: Can you talk to us about your talents when it comes to YAC (yards after the catch)?

Moss: I'm really good and I am working to be better at making people miss in the open field. I'm also working to get bigger in the weight room down here at Prep ... to be stronger and able to break tackles when necessary.

GBK: When you went to Army's home games in 2012, was there one game that was the most exciting for you and why?

Moss: I got to go to the Air Force game, and the atmosphere around the stadium was great. It was good to see the team working well together and the crowd also getting into it with them.

GBK: While watching that game or others, did you feel you could have contributing as a frosh?
Moss: Yes sir I definitely felt like I could have contributed. Whether through the air or with good blocking I felt like I could have helped the team with whatever they would have needed from me.

GBK: As you look back on your decision to attend West Point and play for Army ... do you consider it a quality decision and if so, why and if not, why not?

Moss: I felt like it was one of the best decisions that I have made throughout my entire life. I feel like West Point is going to give me options that I will be able to use throughout the rest of my life. I also get to play football and run track for a great program while trying to achieve a top tier education.
GBK: What number do you hope to be wearing this upcoming season and does that number have any personal significance?

Moss: I don't really have any number preference, but No. 8 would be good just because i really enjoyed wearing it this year at Prep.

GBK: You guys had a pretty good class at the prep school. Is there one player/teammate that really caught your attention in terms of their ball skills?

Moss: One player that caught my attention was definitely my receiving counterpart Edgar Poe. He and I worked together to help improve each others skills. Ricardo Anciola is a back up receiver was also someones talents that I definitely noticed.

GBK: The same question but for the Army varsity squad. Who caught your attention as a ball player?
Moss: I was there at a couple of games to where A.J. Schurr got the opportunity to play and him throwing the ball also caught my attention.

GBK: What are you doing to prepare for making your way onto the practice field this summer and are you ready for the competition at WR?
Moss: Everyday I'm working footwork and lifting in the weight room to try and get bigger for the upcoming season. I'm also at track practice everyday working sprints which is improving my speed and acceleration. I'm ready for the competition at WR this upcoming summer and i am going to work my hardest to try to earn a spot.

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